We're Seeking Community Input

We hosted public input meetings to supplement the Needs Assessment Survey as part of the future Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan.


We continue to encourage you to maximize the opportunity to tell us what you want to experience in parks and recreation at any time.

Previous Community Input Meetings,

Master Plan Consultants,

and Subject Matter Experts

Action Sports Focus Group, Feb. 11

Recreation Center SME, Feb. 28

Athletics Division SME, March 13

Bike Park Focus Group, March 25

Mountain Bike Focus Group, March 25

Urban Forest Master Plan Kick-off, April 4

Disc Golf Consultants, April 11

Mountain Bike Focus Group, April 11

Playground Consultants, April 24

Aquatics Focus Group, May 10

Athletics Division Focus Group, May 22

Aquatics Focus Group, June 4

Master Naturalist & Gardner Public Mtg, June 6

Sprayground Focus Group, June 10

Velo Republic Mt Bike/Trail Focus Group, July 27

Rec Center Focus Group, Aug. 22


2019 Needs Assessment Survey Results

Both the Needs Assessment Survey and the Open House Public Meetings help us obtain a better understanding of your needs.

Past Public Input Meetings