Our Mission is to unite and grow lives by preserving parks and encouraging play.



UNITE internally and within the community



GROW lives physically, mentally, and emotionally



We work hard,

so you can PLAY hard 


Strategic Plan Key Focus Area Strategies

Key Focus Area 1 | Organizational Excellence

Process, Service, and Communication Improvement 1.1 Strengthen Culture of Service » Develop policies and procedures » Develop customer service best practices & training 1.2 Improve Program Management » Implement a formal program evaluation process 1.3 Enhance Internal communication » Implement an online platform for communication, i.e. Workplace » Distribute a digital Quarterly-Report to update staff » Implement a Highlight "news reel" on the website homepage » Install and utilize division "Play Book" boards at CHE and Service Center » Leadership to meet every 4-6 weeks to provide updates and highlights 1.4 Improve Retention and Career Progression » Develop a recruitment strategy to attract quality applicants » Develop a plan that outlines career training opportunities 1.5 Develop and Communicate Key Performance Measures 1.6 Implement NEW of Cost for Service Model 1.7 Build and Promote New Branding Initiatives » Increase social media marketing impressions » Add news update to PARD City website 1.8 Maximize Technology & Pursue New Opportunities » Develop on-board customer service training using LMS » Ipads at the Civic Center » Promote and increase online registrations/transactions » Acquire software to track and maintain assets 1.9 Achieve and Maintain Award Winning Excellence » CAPRA Application process in-progress » Texas Recreation and Park Society Gold Medal Award

Key Focus Area 2 | Public Infrastructure

Construction and Park Development 2.1 | Develop 2020 Capital Improvement Projects » Develop a city asset inventory and identify capital needs 2.2 | Complete Current Capital Improvement Project Efficiencies » Parks Bond Projects Vela Soccer Complex (April 2019) Tennis Center (May 2020) » Park Capital Improvement Projects Dallas/Teasley Median (March 2019) Eagle/Elm Median (Sept 2019) Industrial Street Park (April 2019) North Lakes Dog Park (Dec 2019) IOOF Cemetery Improvements (Dec 2019) South Lakes Park Parking Lot (August 2019) American Legion Hall Senior Center (Dec 2019) Trail expansion at Sequoia Park (July 2018) Restroom at Carl Young Park Restrooms at Quakertown Park 2.3 | Develop Operational and Capital Standards » Create park standards to determine levels of expected maintenance and guide budgetary needs (March 2019) » Adopt of a resolution setting a 10-minute walk to Denton parks (March 2019) 2.4 | Park Dedication & Development Fees Ordinance Revision

Key Focus Area 3 | Economic Development

Fund and Financial Resource Improvements 3.1 | Improve Management of Financial Resources » Update 915/916 Funds Ordinance » Expand HOT funds » Retain flexibility for Recreation Fund » Collapse the GF and RF accounts for select business units 3.2 | Educate City Council, Park Board, & Park Foundation to be stronger advocates » Include minimum of one communication in each weekly Friday Report » Increase communication & agenda items with Park Board » Re-engage Parks Foundation 3.3 | Promote Economic Impact » Develop and implement a more accurate reporting process for hosted tournaments » Develop and promote success through an annual HOT Fund report 3.4 | Strengthen Existing Destination Partnerships » Develop a plan to expand sport tourism

Key Focus Area 4 | Safe, Liveable, Family-Friendly Community

Community-Centric Improvements 4.1 | Develop Master Plan » Hire a firm to guide the department through the process » Conduct a community needs assessment analysis » Adopt of a resolution accepting the Parks 2030 Master Plan » Develop Southwest Park Master Plan » Develop mini-master plans for each park to be included in system Master Plan 4.2 | Develop New Partnerships and Offer More Programs » Expand summer camp opportunities » Expand program and resource opportunities to support facilities 4.3 | Develop Best Practices across all Divisions » Develop operational and capital standards » Develop service-related best standards 4.4 | Adopt a resolution setting a 10-minute walk to parks 4.5 | Update the Sponsorship, Donation & Naming Rights Policy

Key Focus Area 5 | Sustainable & Environmental Stewardship

Asset and Environment Resource Management 5.1 | Develop methods/technology to track asset condition/deferred maintenance to reduce costs and improve asset life » Request funding via a Supplement for CityWorks software » Create an excel database to record past, current and future assets » Develop and maintain Playground Improvement Plan » Develop and maintain Cemetery Improvement Plan 5.2 | Strengthen culture of conservation and preservation resources 5.3 | Adopt a new Integrated Pest Management program » Develop a focus group for program input » Implement a test-pilot site at Denia Park