Our first objective in the development of a new master plan is to take a micro and macro level approach to identify and assess our current parks and trails system, facilities, and recreational services.


Identifying What's in Currently in Place

This process identifying present-day inventory includes, but is not limited to:


  • Identifying current park, trail, and facility assets and amenities

  • Assessing maintenance and preservation needs

  • Examining recreation and program reach and service

  • Identifying demographics, growth, and trends

  • Identifying our strengths, weakness, opportunities

  • Assessing where we are relative to the previous master plan update

Good to Know-Before You Go

It's good to know what's currently in the park system prior to attending one of the public input meetings. 


Inventory of Existing Parks, Natural Areas, and Recreation Facilities

Inventory of Newly Installed Playgrounds

Inventory of Current Construction Projects